It has been a while since I last posted. What I have come to find is that my concerns were right. The teachers do not seem overly concerned but I am. I was observing how everyone in AD’s class is placed. It  became clear to me that the brightest pupils are all sat together whilst those struggling are sat together. This to me is  major problem. My son has struggled with reading but he can read a little bit just not quite on the level according to the guidelines. He is sat with all the other kids who are struggling. His maths is really good and he is doing well there. It is just his reading. If I could still afford to pay Ms Z. I would. I felt that she improved his reading and confidence  a lot.
So now I am seriously considering buying the book Reading Reflex which is what I had planned to do months ago. The reviews make it seem it is something that can work. Everyday my son wants to read and do maths. His teachers always say that he is very keen to learn and very enthusiastic. Though more is needed. I also think the governments current preferred method of teaching is at fault. Phonics should be mixed in with other systems of reading. I was not taught the phonics way and I excelled. Phonics is okay for learning sounds but I think it should not be the only system in place.
The aim now is to build confidence in reading and get him to a point of complete independent reading. He currently receives extra sessions of guided reading every day but more needs to be done.