In January I turned 40 years old. A whole four decades of life. I do not normally do anything major or big for my birthday as I like the simple life and its easier. My friends are not all in the same city and just a task to organise things sometimes

Since last year I have been attending quite a few 40th birthday celebrations of long time friends. I have more to attend this year in 2020. I am so honoured and blessed to know that they included me in their celebrations. Even those I no longer see them all the time. Each event has been fab and got me thinking why I dont celebrate myself a little bit more. I always get asked but have never felt the need to do too much. As long as my kids get their celebrations I am good.

So this year I thought I would put a party on knowing my circle is smaller but more stable. I had friends travel into my city to attend which I am grateful for. Even people from my church came to enjoy themselves. I did not expect a huge crowd but the amount who came enjoyed themselves despite a little brawl that erupted just as the vibes were going good.

Many friends including workmates were like hey it happens carry on enjoy yourself and have a drink. You can’t control how people react or behave but I understand these things happen. I have been at parties and dances I have paid to enter and far worst took place. All that matters is that I enjoyed myself and my guests did too.

So what does the next chapter look like for me. Mmmm I do not really know. My main focus is to continue developing my relationship with Christ, face some fears get fitter, write more and explore life more. Do more of the things that make me happy. As for the rest we shall see where this journey in life takes me.