I really need to commit to my commitments a little bit better. Can I now blame age? I have stretched myself a little bit these past few months but I still feel like I have all the time in the day to get things done. When really God has given us 24 hours per day with varying amounts of sunlight to make use of.

The current restriction on our lives are about to be lifted and our perceptions of freedom is about to return. But am I ready to start mixing and blending with people I know and don’t know again? It has been stressful enough to go into that work building. Work has been stressful and an energy zapper but I smile and carry on. Being mindful has become the catchphrase to consider everyone else’s needs but your own. Can I be selfish too and just think about me and mine. Is that okay?

So I have noticed is that my lack of commitment to self has proven detrimental. For years I have wanted to improve my health and fitness so I can wine go down low and tick tock my body on the dance floor. Even if it’s just in my front room to my own playlist. I knew from the past a gym membership would not suit me right now. So I took my birthday money and bought an exercise bike called a Slim Cycle. 

It has a back rest and a reclining position so for a person like me whose back health needs work this allows me to get moving stress free. I am already looking at youtube videos for extra workouts to do. I plan to do the walking at home and step aerobics and maybe a weight training one. So far I can do 30 minutes on the bike which compared to the 5-10 minutes when I just got it is amazing.

I plan to complete the two courses I am doing at the moment in the next few months. I am planning new content for my youtube channels and working on a new (old) project. Lastly I realised that I have suffered imposter syndrome and need to come out of my shell and get some projects back up and running. What about you?