Over the last couple of months I have attended a few significant birthday parties of friends who I have not seen, some in years but they still thought of me to join them to celebrate such a fabulous milestone. I thank God for that day at Uni I met my first friend on campus who went on to introduce me to several others who became my sisters. We keep in touch.

I never made it back down to London to live as I life took over. I lost my mum, I got married, I had children, worked in jobs I disliked, made redundant and basically kept pushing forward. I been through a whole lot. Blogging and Youtube has kept my creative flow going. It has yet to pay a bill but I enjoy it. I discovered through it I can do some graphic designs. Maybe one day I will level those skills up now that I have new software. I I finally got a DSLR which is a learning curve and a half. But so far I like what it does as much as my mirrorless camera. Yep I like gadgets and makeup.

I am fast approaching a new milestone in life and I never thought I should celebrate it. My friends have enquired why. When I think about it, if hosting a party in London was affordable for me that is where my birthday celebrations would be next year. Because London, in particular, South London is my heartbeat, my joy and I just feel like I am home whenever I am back in London. Don’t get me wrong. I get all those vibes from God. Its just my human interactions are different in London than they are where I am now. However, whatever I choose to do, I will definitely mark the day. After all I am somebody and I am worth it.

I am praying that I set some future goals and just live life. So many things I want to do for myself and my children. I have poured so much of me into other people that now it is the time to invest in myself spiritually and mentally. I am not chasing the past. The future is approaching and I am embracing it.

One thing I have stopped doing – I am no longer entertaining dismissive conversations and dream snatchers. The moment someone tells me they do not care about what bothers me, there is no conversation for us to have. The moment someone tells me I am where God wants me to be I need to know when did you have that conversation with God? I need to know if you wish to do a swap? I understand people have problems but I also want to know what the solution is. How can we learn and grow from our viewpoint.

Spend time with good people

Live your life

Be Blessed