It is so frustrating being me sometime. All I want is my own home. I have a roof over my head but I want my own deeds in my name home. I am saving and researching and I am even going so far as looking at homes. You never know my good Lord could bless me with an enablement to get me there. My current home depresses me. I never chose to live here. I feel so restricted.
Anyways I have not got the benefits of parents or family members helping me out. So I might just have to move to another rental to save my sanity. Then take on 3 more jobs but then I would never see my sons. The choice to rent or buy has never been my choice. Why because the only parent I grew up with passed away during my studies. I was immediately thrown into debt and renting. I suppose going self employed will not help. 
Do you own your own home? How did you get on this elusive ladder. The UK is fast becoming a nation of renters. The elites have us where they want us. I digress.