Growing up I was always around dogs when I lived in LA. Two of those dogs I can remember as being called Goldie and Smokie. They were tolerable dogs. The sort that ignored you and only wanted to inhale your scent. Those dogs were safe in my opinion. However I do remember an incident at the dentist office that freaked me out. I was with my friend for the day and as her mum was going to the dentist we followed. It was going all fine until a man walks in with his dog sans lead. That thing folk call cute furry four legged animal took set on us. My friend and I, ran around the waiting room screaming at the top of our lungs until her mum came out with dental paper under her neck cussing us out. It was not our fault. My friend loved dogs but I despite growing up with the odd few was weary of them unless I knew them. Now tell me why did that man not put a lead on his animal. Some dog owners are so clueless.
err what do I do with this dog? lol
Fast forward to today. I having not gone to my weekly ab class passed by my friends house for a cup of tea. As I am the visitor their dog (which is a Maltese breed) is put outside or in the kitchen. So Muesli (yes  that is his name) gets a bit lonely outside and often sounds like  he is breaking down the door to get back in. He is a strong little dog. Even though I am not a dog person I actually do feel sorry for him sometimes. I have said to myself I will get used to his presence so that he is not kicked out the door every time I come round. My kids adore Muesli and have actually started asking if they can go see him. My youngest has on occasion shooed Muesli away from me which makes me feel a bit sad. He is only 4yrs old and is acting as my defender.
Walking in unison.
My friend and her whole household have been saying you will be fine the dog will not bother you. Though that is what all dog owners say right. Today my friends oldest son has picked the dog up and tried to get me to hold him. No thanks! Now because I felt sorry for him always being kicked out I thought okay what I will do is follow him on a walk. The idea was my friends son was supposed to follow me as Muesli was taken for a stroll. But what does he do? He hands me the lead and tells me to go on up the road myself. Let me tell you how this dog is very strong. The walk started off by him walking me literally.  It made me think of my friend telling me who is in charge the dog or the person holding the lead. On the verge of giving up I decided (with some folk in the background forcing me on my way) to just go for it. I managed to get Muesli to stop pulling ahead and it turned out he actually was alright. If he stopped and I was like “come on” he continued. I only slightly panicked when I saw a cat, because barking and not knowing what could happen next gave me pre-shudders. A lady walked passed smiling at me and Muesli, probably more at the dog than me. She probably thought he was mine at this point.
Aww now that is better a matt for Muesli to lie on
Back at the house I took off his lead and sat down with him freely running around the house. I did me some self therapy. Problem now he looks at me as if I am his dog walker but no way. Though when the kids are on half term I will bring them round so they can take him for a walk around the block. This however will lead to them asking for a puppy of their own which may be a bit too much for me right now. Though the idea is growing on me. It must be because I bought Muesli a matt today for him to sleep on.
This is a work in progress.