The company I work found itself in a peculiar position. Affected by the recession that I am yet to see any recovery from and this unelected government that is doing more to lose jobs than create them. So the part of the business I work for which is an FSA regulated firm was sold to a rival. We went through the TUPE consultation and then two weeks later we were told we are to lose our jobs. However in the meantime we will be needed to help migrate the work to their existing infrastructure. Such a shame really as the company I work for was quite iconic and innovative and pretty much grasped online technology for its customers as a core service that others were only offering optionally.
Anyway about 1300-1500 people are losing their jobs with me. Yes that many plus I calculated that where I live in the East Midlands about four thousand people in total will probably join the Dole queue at the same time. Sine June I have been looking for a new job and it is so dire and de-motivating. One of the jobs my friend found and sent me would have involved my childcare costs increasing by a further £410 just for four days. Plus the jobs with less hours I cant even consider unless I do two of them, because this un-elected Coalition government has changed the rules. So currently you need to work 16 hours a week to qualify for any in-work benefits as of April 2012 you will need 25 hours. I have found a job that offers 22hours which I will apply for anyway and fingers crossed if get the job I can ask for 3 more hours.
Working is my priority as there are things I want to buy and hopefully return to studying. So many people are telling me that  should now think about what I really want to do. To be honest I want to be employed. Once I am in another job than I can think about choices. Being unemployed limits your choices.
My temporary employer as I see them to compensate for the job losses are providing job fairs and careers advisors to help us find jobs. I have a consultation this week. Right now I will keep looking and praying. Oh and one more thing. They are making us redundant at Christmas. So I am facing a thin Christmas, My son’s 4th Birthday will be a stretch and then my Birthday in January will probably not be celebrated. I might get a temp job but fingers crossed I get a permanent one instead as that is what I need. Please feel free to give me job hunting tips and  surviving redundancy.