Back in October 2002 I had decided to grow out the relaxer and become a natural hair sister. When I say natural , I mean without any chemical treatments. I have grown up not knowing what my own God given hair was like except that when my hair grew my roots were curly. In the current state that its in its fine in texture . I hoping that by going natural it will be thicker and much more exciting. I still love straight hair with sweeping bangs Aaliyah style but I guess I can get an accessory to do that. I am also hoping that I will have more styling options. I had my hair cut and grew it out with extensions for a year and then relaxed it back. So far I have tried growing my hair natural 3 times and gave up. But I am hoping that I can do this. It will be a challenge. I have also got someone to give me tips in doing my own singles braid extensions. Oh yeah when I say I am going back to my roots, I mean my natural hair.