I am so not a beauty blogger. Just an enthusiast who loves makeup and a good bargain. Today after church I was in town with my sons as they had a date with the Build a Bear store. The oldest had been asking consistently for two weeks for a monkey from there. These bears are not cheap so I am glad I was not the one to buy both bears. 
Anyway I  had been running low on eye makeup remover and headed over to Boots. They have 3 for 2 offer on skincare type products. Had it been a buy 1 get 1 free I would have indulged. 3 for 2 offers cost you more money in the long run especially if your intention like mine was just to buy one product. Thankfully I told myself I have plenty of face washes and just needed the Simple Eye Makeup remover. I do not usually buy the same one as I will buy what is on offer.
So as I am browsing Boots wondering where the heck the Urban Decay stand has vanished too. I am not pleased with this as I have a planned purchase for the UD Roller girl palette with my Boots points. So as I am swirling round the endless makeup shelves with Build a Bear boxes in hand and my mini me’s following suit I spot 75% off on the Ruby and Millie stand. Then I remembered the post I read months ago on Lipglossiping which spoke of the brand being discontinued. I always thought of them being too high in price for High street but they were ok. I only ever really used their twisting up lipgloss but a lid broke and it became a love hate relationship
This is what I bought and yet I was only supposed to spend £10 give or take £1 in Boots. 
• Ruby and Millie Eye liner brush 7mm £6 reduced to £1.50
•Ruby and Millie Nail Color in Yellow 200C £10 reduced to £2.50
•Ruby and Millie Nail Color in Orange 300C £10 reduced to £2.50
•Ruby and Millie Nail Color in Blue 610C £10 reduced to £2.50
•Ruby and Millie Nail  Color in Red 410C £10 reduced to £2.50
•Ruby and Millie Eyeshadow Smokey Eyes Purple £12 reduced to £3
•Ruby and Millie Eyeshadow Smokey Eyes Bronze £12 reduced to £3
•Ruby and Millie Brow Color in Black £11 reduced to £2.75
Considering they were practically given away the above products it was only right for me to buy them. Now I just have to use them to justify my purchase even more.