So for years I have wanted to do Vlogs in addition to my normal blogging. I have some great ideas on things to discuss and also simply ranting or sharing a bit more of me. I am on the verge of buying a better entry level video editing software than iMovie and windows movie maker. I have both on different machines. I have been told the current Final Cut Pro is a no no. My favourite choice is to buy Adobe Premiere Elements. I am just unsure if I should buy the 10th edition or wait 1 month or 2 for the 11th edition to service. Also adobe can do great bundles and I have seen the Adobe Photoshop Elements with it as a package deal. I need to decide buy now or wait and pay more for some newness.
I have quite a few devices that can be used for recording video. One is not HD but picture quality is decent enough in the right light. I will do a post soon on the equipment I have currently and what the tech geek in me wishes she had. Saving is so long but you do appreciate the things you end up with in the end. I kind of wish the UK had a lay away system from what I remember in my youth in LA. Pay for it bit by bit by x date and its yours. Which is kind of like a pardna system West Indians use to save from the days when no one would give them a bank account. My West Asian friends tell they too have a similar system but I cannot remember the name.
So I have digressed a little bit. Anyway my Vlog channel is SoFrolushesTV. I decided to make a separate channel because everything in one Goo
gle basket makes me nervous. Now I just need to put up my 1st video. I have some old videos I have made but I will do a fresh one.
If you do vlogs please let me know any tips you can offer.