Black lives matter

Black Lives Matter

For the past few years we have seen on the news and through social media, the atrocities that occur in the United States of America. Although having a Black President and many people of colour in positions of power, Black Americans are being slain by Police and vigilante gun-toting people far too often. Most of whom have not actually committed a crime, its just that their paths have crossed that of a law enforcement.

It’s all very sad to watch the latest videos of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. These are snuff movies effectively. People who have been slain and the actions caught on camera. Social media users no longer wait for traditional media to give them the news, they get the information out there as soon as they are able.

My sons are asking me if its true the police kill “brown” people for being brown. The have been asking this due to the many previous incidents. They have access to the web they see the news. They hear the discussions taking place. What do I tell them as a parent. In the UK the situation may not be as bleak as the USA but the experience is no better.

Young Black males are always stopped and searched for no apparent reason. That one suspect they may have in mind surely cannot look like every young Black male!!!  My cousin was stopped often enough he noticed that his clothes influenced if he was stopped at times. Wearing clothes with hoods and being male in the UK is classed as thuggish behaviour. Remember David Cameron once had this thing for saying “hug a hoodie”.

Since the day Mama Africa interacted with Europe during the Transatlantic Slavery era, the trade-off has not been fair towards her descendants. This is supposed to be 2016 for goodness sakes!!!

From chains to trees to bullet holes.

I ask and pray God hears our cries, that He hears our prayers and turn this around. That He Father God keeps my American brothers and sisters safe. That their hearts do not turn cold because of this but that they will rise to top and claim the victory of true freedom that they deserve.

Just do not lose hope.

#BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName #SayHisName