AD had another tutor session. Next week will be his last session, only because the new school term will soon begin. Yes not a reason to stop but we will see how he progresses at school in year 1 before continuing his tutor sessions. My friend suggests using Kumon which has a longer commitment and possibly higher costs. I will consider it nonetheless at some point.
During AD’s most recent tutor session his reading has improved a lot. I queried if it was all just memory but Ms Z. says that it is part memory and part sounding out the words and blending the sounds together. It is the stage that he is at. I so want him to excel with reading so that he can start to enjoy the nice mini library of books I have bought him over the years. 
His handwriting is starting to improve too. He has been writing the tail of the lowercase ‘A’ on the left and not the right. This has been pointed out to him and he is doing his best to remember. What I need to now do is look at things to do at home during school term to keep his mind ticking over.