Yesterday AD spent his scheduled time with his tutor Ms Z. She was lovely as usual. The session began with a game of Fishing for Phonics. There are a handful of picture boards and the child has to tell you what objects and things they can see. The the board is flipped over to show the names of all those objects to see if they got them right. The next step involves a fishing rod toy with a magnet end and a set of letters where the child fishes for the correct letter that each object begins with. Ms Z had AD say each letter and its corresponding sound. He enjoyed this.
Next he read his book which he was given as homework and he did quite well. It seems to me that books with a lot of repetition really do help. He still does need a lot of help in being able to blend the sounds together to make reading easier. This has been noted and will be a focus to improve on.  This session also included practice spelling of three letter words and going through the phonics alphabet checking how he progresses with each sound.  
Next week he shall be doing some handwriting and going over his summer homework from school.