I am not a huge football fan. Though will have to take note as my sons get older as they wish to play this game seriously. With that in mind the current sad state of affairs in British football is the blatant racism (though I am told the majority are not like the current ones in the press). I have been told that a certain English player is known for his racism and the recent comments in the press is the tip of the iceberg. Now when countries on the continent of Europe are exposed by their football spectators for racism the Daily Mail and others UK press are quick to say how bad this is. Even the comment section is full of talk about how backwards those countries are etc etc. However when it is  Brit being pulled up for a racist comment or using inappropriate language they complain about political correctness and fail to see or accept that the words they choose to use causes an offence. Should you return the favour they will be singing from a different song sheet.
Anyway here are a few quotes from the article about Alan Hansen referring to Black footballers as “coloured”. Indeed a faux pax and he is right to be pulled up on it. Notice what comments get loads of green arrows and the ones which are red arrowed. For this particular paper this is to be expected. I expect no more no less of their readers. I am a reader of a different calibre. 

You notice how Desmond in the 1st quote is upset that the Black community is standing up for itself. Most of the green arrowed comments say the same thing so I did not bother give them anymore air time on my blog. There are so may terms that my forefathers/mothers fought to eradicate that it is only right that Diaspora Africans continue to keep folk on their toes. Desmond fails to realise that if an entire community is offended by the term it is offensive and should not be used unless of course what you wish to do is offend. Surely there are better things you can do with your words.
The last three comments speak for themselves and are in the top worst rated section. Speaks volumes if you ask me. I am not linking the article this time but if you wish to see it for yourself go to their website and look for any article on race and you will see even more like that. The comments that show progression get red arrowed. 
To my brothers and sisters and cousins please continue to pull people up on their behaviour and what they say. People these days know what is offensive and what terms have died even though some mis-guided souls like to call themselves derogatory words. Just know that the majority of us don’t play that. We know better so we do better. Those who do not wish to do better still got some growing to do.