In a press release today, Sky Broadcasting announced that it is setting a tangible target to ensure that at least 20% of all new original programming on its channels Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living and Sky Arts reflect the audiences that watch them. The aim is to ensure Black, Asian and other minorities are represented better on British TV. This move covers On screen portrayals, Production (including senior roles), Writing and Commissioning.
Stuart Murphy, Sky’s Director of Entertainment said: “Sky is dedicated to making programmes that feel representative of every one of the millions of viewers that watch our content every day, whatever their colour. So we have tackled the issue with the same sense of ambition that we show in all other areas of our business, setting ourselves a set of tangible goals that will hold us to account. Our aim is to kick start a sea change in the on screen representation of ethnic minorities on British television. It’s an incredibly exciting time, and I am very proud that Sky is going to be at the forefront.”
This is good news to read about as for a very long time British TV has been very hostile towards true diversity and representation. This has lead to many talented people leaving England for amazing careers abroad. Others have shown off their talents through online webisodes  such as Brothers With No Game, that have become very popular and pretty much welcomed. One of the things that got my attention is that they are not just covering the actors but those behind the cameras too. So hopefully that means we will never be subjected to another show like the ill fated show The Crouches or even the plethora of shows that contain so called minorities but do not have any of their input.