I did a review of this book called The Help towards the end of last year. One of my readers commented that the book will be made into a film. I was so pleased to hear that. The book is such a good read worth reading before you see the film.
I am dismayed to read on the blogs and on twitter that there is so much controversy surrounding this film in America. The main issues people have it is that is a film showing Black women as maids. I have no issues with this. African Diaspora people need to embrace their past and history. No other race seems so set on forgetting. We know that in today Black women occupy many different areas of work and continue to strive and do well. So why the controversy. I feel more of our history should be told in film and books, both good and bad.
Is it a case that we need to pull out the beautifully researched and presented books of Chancellor Williams. Who discusses African history from before European and Asian interaction where kingdoms where spoken of as Dynasties. If all you can see in The Help is a movie that puts black women in a bad light you have missed the point. I suggest you read the book and decide if the film is for you. There is more to these women then just being somebody’s maid. You will not know that if you do not read the book or see the film.
I hope it does not take long to reach UK shores. I could do with an adult night at the cinema. Have you read the book or seen the film? What are your thoughts?