M&S Jerk wrap

For the past few weeks I have been gazing at all these seasonal summer offerings from Mark and Spencer. The first time I saw the Jerk Chicken wrap I picked it up and decided not to buy it. I was so hungry on my lunch break that the thought of it not being nice and staying hungry was not an option. Especially with all the walking I do at work I need all my energy.

I finally decided I was going to be brave and try this out. I bought the meal deal which lead me to trying their cucumber avocado lime smoothie. I brought my old faithful mango smoothie just in case. It was a good thing I did. It was tangy and cool and green. When I make smoothies at home they never taste green. Yes I know its all green veg, but as to why they added apple puree in the mix boggles the mind. I will not buy again.

My initial thoughts on the Jerk Chicken Wrap was that it is quite peculiar in that it comes with rice and peas (M&S calls it rice and beans). So cold rice and peas in a wrap. Anyway I took a bite and it tasted ok ish. Like I could get the jerk taste but it was not quite right. The fruity dressing and mango pepper coleslaw was team too much. Thumbs up for the pepper and spices but the balance was wrong. I would have preferred a fruity snack on the side. Now if Marks and Spencer re-do this wrap they could do a simple jerk chicken wrap with or without mayo with salads and peppers.

I tried their Cajun Plantain crips previously and they were ok. I prefer the plain lightly salted ones you get. Some friends think they cajun ones are very nice.

M&S do get a thumbs up from me with their Mango smoothie and the macaroons. They were indeed yummy.

Let me know if you tried the summer range.