Rodney King (1965 – 2012) who became a worldwide known man after suffering an inhumane brutal beating by police officers from the LAPD over in America has passed away. It has been reported that he had been found in the pool at his house by his fiancé at his home.
The police were put on trial but acquitted of all crimes despite the blatant evidence of them beating him up. The acquittal of the police sent people beyond boiling point. To think the police and judiciary were sending a message about who was above the law. Police have to uphold the law and also be bound by that same law otherwise no one will respect their job status.
King went on to win compensation from the LAPD but also suffered from substance abuse and other issues. Some of which may have been as a result of what happened to him. Police brutality is never acceptable regardless of the crime. Police should be able to control themselves and be professional 100% of the time or find another occupation.
Rodney King I hope you rest in perfect peace. My condolences to your family.