Derby Caribbean carnival whirled around again. The weather was typical British mix and blend of hot sun and pouring rain. But that did not dampen the spirits of those who chose to battle the confused weather system. In the day there were bursts of showers but in the end it was ok weather. Last years heatwave weather was amazing but this is Britain.

I love watching the procession and always bring the somewhat grown kids with me. Always nice to spot people taking part that you know. I used to do the procession but I don’t think I could manage now. But I am on a fitness journey so you just never know.

Many people may complain about smaller carnivals like Derby but they do attract people from other cities and towns big and small. Its a comfy cosy relatively safe carnival to attend. They just need to work on those queues to get in the park. This year you could pre pay tickets a whopping £5 entrance fee. I remember the days it was free. I understand many communities are struggling with funding so extra costs are passed on. We moan but still go to support. It just reduces the amount people may spend at the event.

I wanted to visit a few carnivals this year but this weather is not helping me at all. I have created a video montage of the procession and park scene. Please note I was watching the procession from the re routed part which not many people were aware of. More crowds were on other streets. Derby is making it hard for cars to enter Derby city centre. Imagine you can see where you are heading but must do a 5 minute excursion to get there from a different direction…… I digress. Enjoy the video.