Have you heard of SB.TV? Well I am always browsing the pages of Madnews blog and have come across their name a few times. I watched the documentary about them and their I believe website launch a few months ago. It was very interesting to see how everything came together for the young lad and his team. Now Jamal Edwards has been featured in Google current video blog. This infomercial style blog has been featured during prime time TV shows and has been the feature video on YouTube. I  find this refreshing to watch as currently many have slated young people as lazy good for nothings. However through Jamal you see the other side of the spectrum A young lad doing something he enjoys and well on is way to become an entrepreneur like Richard Branson who he has met and has somewhat of a cameo in the below video. I may just take occasional peaks now. Oh and definitely check out their “About us” section you will be amazed to see how far reaching they are interacting with grass roots organisations in the community that hopes to bring about positive change and recognise those who do. His mum Brenda Edwards who was a former X-factor finalist must be so proud of him. Well done Jamal!!

Their website SB.TV
Their YouTube channel
Jamal was also featured as and up and coming entrepreneur by the Guardian newspaper back in March 2011.