The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust is in crisis. This is due to a sudden drop in funding. They have begun a fundraising campaign to keep the Trust going for a temporary period in the hope they can secure more long term funding. ACLT was born out of the need for a bone marrow donor for the late Daniel De Gale. It grew to bring awareness to all and encouraged people of ethnic backgrounds to register as well as finding those vital matches.
Please if you can make a donation and spread the word. They need to raise £80k by March 2011 to keep afloat till September 2011. They also need long term funding. The following is taken from the website.

PLEASE help Save the ACLT charity from closing its doors

In a nutshell, we have 3 months to raise £80K to keep us going for a further 6 months

We currently need to raise at least £80,000 by the end of March 2011 to cover our core costs until September 2011
The £80,000 is a short term measure that buys us more vital time to apply for further sources of funding in the mid to long term. Of course there are no guarantees we will be able to secure new long term funding, but this is our only hope for survival whilst we seek further funds

So please if you can make a donation and spread the word amongst friends and all social network sites that you use. 
For more information read the full press release and while you are there browse the website to see what difference you can make. If not registered please consider that too.
ACLT fundraising site via Virgin Money Given  you can also track how well the fund raising is going.