Oh how I have neglected this blog for sometime. Though I promise you. You may not see the immediate success that others have with their journeys but progress comes at a steady pace. The weather in the UK has been so beautiful. Full of glorious sunshine and hot hot hot. As I live a little further from the kids school it now takes 25 minutes or so to walk there.

I usually drive them. My oldest asked if they could take their scooters and walk. I obliged. the first time I was feeling the heat on my back and sweating galore. The next few times it was not so bad. So it get better with time. Now that the school holidays are in full swing we have done walks to the park and to the shop. Now I just need to find a way to get them riding their bikes proficiently so that I can buy my own.

Please British Summer stop with the thunder and lightening. I need more sunshine in my life.